ten + x = thanks

used mainly by aol "hacker" types and cs kids
<1337k1d> 10x m8 gg
<Anonymous> die please
by Anonymous March 4, 2005
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Thankyou. 10x is a short way of writing thankyou. It's what a newbie writes to get away with actually writing just a few more letters.
Yo, 10x for the song.
by WildGlitch March 8, 2005
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How good is that?
10x, man!
by Alex Jones March 7, 2005
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A measurement with which to plan or set goals and also the amount of action necessary to accomplish any worthy goal

A multiplier used to describe effort or an outcome.
She wanted to 10X her followers.
His income went up 10X..
That desert was 10X .
I’m setting 10X goals this year.
These 10X people are never satisfied.
by 10X Man December 16, 2018
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My 10X-grandmother is a good person.
by N8953SW June 26, 2021
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Short for nine times out of ten (or nine out of ten times). An idiom that means usually; almost always. Literally, 90%.
9/10x idk what she's talking about, so I have to go look it up on urbandictionary.
by Druc4 June 30, 2010
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obfuscated thanks a million (tenx 1,000,000)
probably a sarcastic written response given the lack of clarity
alice: i found some more work for you to do
bob: 10x 1e6
by vexing January 26, 2013
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