Slang verb, to procrastinate in an aggressively unproductive manner.
Person A: What have you been doing? Weren't you meant to be finishing your assignments?
Person B: Well I've been trying but I've only managed to shit on the floor for the past 3 hours.
by Tjimå February 28, 2022
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A general term that describes a strong emotion. Whether it be angry or surprise.
Mom: " Go do the dishes"
Kid: "No bitch, I'll shit on the floor."
by cooliodude24 September 25, 2017
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WHO SHIT THE FLOOR means that people are making a big deal out of something or that some person or situation is blown out of proportion. WHO SHIT THE FLOOR is a saying that comes from a famous story that spread throughout locations and generations. This saying is taken from the true story of a man walking into a home where there was shit on the floor. He then proceeded to yell, "WHO SHIT THE FLOOR?". This joke then spread around the East Coast and all of the United states to have a variety of comedy and exaggerated meanings. It can be utilized to immediately change the tone of the conversation and atmosphere.
*walks into a room where people are arguing with no previous knowledge* Carl asked suddenly, " Well, who shit the floor?" The group he walked in with laughed and this changed the demeanor of the room.
by RealTalk81 November 2, 2020
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The act of becoming so intoxicated that you take a shit on your own floor.
Man, Brogan was so shit-floored last night. His room smells terrible.
by Freshman from dadisman March 13, 2011
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On April 12th, you shall shit on the floor with style and run out. Make the bathrooms stink!
“Bro whys there shit everywhere on the floor.”
National Shit on Floor day, dummy.”
by GayDog102947 April 11, 2019
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