movie depicting the assassination of kim jong un by the cia
kim jong un: hey guys lets hack sony
*sony hacked*
sony: ok guys we give up, we are canceling the interview
by northkoreaisbestkorea December 25, 2014
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A movie about two ordinary show reporters who are called by the CIA to help kill North Korea's supreme leader, Kim Jong-un.
Person 1: Did you watch The Interview?
Person 2: Yes, Kim's death scene was hilarious!
by UserNameTV January 2, 2015
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A rating scale for your interviewability.
How well is your interviewness??

My interviewness in FANTASIC, I will definatly be hired!!!
by ashadoggy-dogg shizztastic March 17, 2010
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to be nervous, a state of being nervous,shaking with fear,to be scared.
Fred was interviewing on the first day of high school.
by timothy mark kluwen April 16, 2007
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When your piece engages in one-on-one sexual activity with another person in the interest of determining if that individual would play well in a threesome, foursome, or even moresomewith the two of you.
I picked up a trick online last night and interviewed him to see if he would play well with us.
by Piece June 12, 2006
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The Indian habit of interviewing everyone they meet for information on their family, including parents' jobs, income, number of siblings, plans for the future, possible marriageability, etc. They will find out everything and then decide if you are the type of person they want their kids to hang out with.
"Wow, Simran! That car ride with your mom was crazy."

"Haha, sorry bro. Did she give you the Indian Interview?"
by ShaZzaRD February 11, 2010
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