means something so good it is almost crazy
" oh god that was an antcis run by forlan "
Only the dopest website for all boarders and filmers every created. snow-antics, you should go there
"have you been to the antics website at yet, its unreal"
by thomas c August 8, 2006
Anything sexual you do that involves three other guys and a lamp.
"Sounds like there were some crazy antics going on last night"
"Yeah...were going to need a new lightbulb"
by Christine the Walid July 30, 2008
A description for a difficult, complex or controversial event, esp. as seen through a haze of bongsmoke.

Particularly prevalent in the suburb of Carlton in Melbourne, Australia.
"Dude, did you hear what the pizza guy said to me?"

"Yeah man, that was antics."
by bigblew February 3, 2005
shut the hell up before i put my foot in your antics
by gk4life October 9, 2008
Diane is such an antic.
by the_butcher July 4, 2006