Military phonetic alphabet word for the letter "F". Also, a cool member of blizzhackers (EoN).
by sierraromeo June 5, 2005
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From Jurassic Park meaning male velociraptor. Me and my 2 friends say it to people that are talking and sound like idiots.
by andrew&stephen November 26, 2020
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Foxtrotting is lying or telling stories about one's sexual experiences or conquests which never really occured.
"Quit foxtrotting ass-hole."
by Something-more-original November 25, 2017
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Foxtrot is F in phoenetic alphabet.
It also means 'on foot'.
"Bravo, November, Foxtrot..."
"Man, I'm foxtrot here, help me."
by Diego July 29, 2003
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The best comic strip ever, bar none. Jason and Peter rule
Bill Amend, the author of Foxtrot, lives in Kansas City, where i live, and he autographed a Foxtrot book for me.
by White Sox Rule June 5, 2004
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foxtrot is the best comic strip in the newspaper these days.
foxtrot is hardcore.
by the candace! March 18, 2004
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The Best comic strip ever made by Bill Amend. If you don't read it, you're gay, If you've never heard of it, get a life, and you are still gay.
The kids in FoxTrot are always doing wierd things.
by Jon May 18, 2004
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