(1337) Means 'rocks' in 1337-speak
"That's rox0r!"
by Mad Walrus August 04, 2002
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rox0r was originally based more on logic and simple pig latin concepts

0r is a subsitutiton for or, which is a phonetic substitution for er, and x is a substituion for (c) or (k) (yes, that is rather stupid)

thus it was rocker. Somehow, people thought you could use rocker, a clear noun for someone cool and who rocks, as an adjective and a verb, as in
that rockers (r0x0rs) or I got rockered (rox0red).

This later development is unfortunate and outside any good rule for slang.
That guy is a rox0r, since he can really play the guitar.
by CrazyTejano February 18, 2005
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My girlfriend, no, seriously, she has taken so much shit, yet she still claims to love me, and that's just the best thing in the world. She is like, just, fuck, the BEST.. I love her even if she no longer loves me, and I'm a lowly geek.
My girlfriend is 'the rox0r' because even though I talk shit, and moan, she loves me, damn that's hardcore.
by Piro RoadKill September 06, 2004
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