A high potency cannabis extract that is pressed into a thin translucent sheet. It shatters like glass hence the name. Also called dabs by some partakers.
Good guy: I made some really dank shatter from last season's crop. Wanna try some?
Lucky guy: You bet!!
by GGG4896 January 13, 2019
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Another name for methamphetamines.
I snorted some shatter and stayed up for 3 days.
by pokesmot March 04, 2006
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to break something into pieces; smash
Chuck accidentally shattered the car’s window when he was playing baseball with his friend Joe.
by forehard bill July 24, 2018
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a completely repulsive person, place, thing, or idea that you cannot stand the idea of. a noun used in a sentence without a verb so shatter is acting as a gerund without the -ing or verb part.
person 1: did you hear X likes you?
person 2: ew hell no X shatter!
person 1: dont be so harsh! its true though
by Darth Vadewhore January 06, 2013
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Scottish word for "extremly tired"
"i was up chatting to Iain till 3am i'm shattered"
by Cawnar February 18, 2005
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If you are shattered, your world is shattered since hearing the devastatin or shocking news that just turned your life upside down.
A reply to the sympathetic question "How you doing" ?? (Since you lost your child so suddenly)

Answer - I'm shattered.
or Completely shattered
by Galawh October 29, 2018
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