something attractive or pleasing, especially cake, cupcakes, cookies, or candy!
Bob: Hey, look at Britney's goodies!!
Melba: Wow! Yeah you're right that cupcake looks awesome
Bob: Oh, i wasn't talking about the cupcake....
by Melba Loves CUPPYCAKES May 29, 2011
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As Ciara Says, "goodies can be whatever you want them to be, like your number, hugs, kisses etc. So actually you are all right but there are other things other than those!
I Bet u want my goodies.

Bet you thought about it!
by ~~Me~~ June 1, 2005
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This would be high grade marijuana, hydro, kush, headies.
What really good with the goodies.
by SouthernSlang August 5, 2009
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a females pussy,coochie,or twat.

a song by ciara ft.petey pablo called
"my goodiez"

i bet u want tha goodiez bet u thought about them.if u lookin for tha goodiez keep on lookin cuz they stay in tha jar.
all that nigga want is yo goodiez
and to get his dick sucked.
by Not My Goodiez September 6, 2004
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something that makes a girl stand out to guys.
damn, dat girl has some really sexy goodies. i think i'm gonna ask her out!
by t'sgirl September 29, 2004
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Anything that you own. Your but sometimes. It can mean awesome,great,ok,good!
Don't touch my goodies!
Lyndsay- How was your day?
Julia- It was goodies!
Back off my goodies
by Linzzzz January 21, 2008
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like a sex treat aka pussy..
can i get some goodies
by j_dub July 2, 2004
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