Southern slang for just sucking it up and dealing with a bad situation.
So you're broke and hungry, just suck it up and eat more possum.
by My name Jose Jimenez February 2, 2018
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Got to go take a shit
Used when texting someone when in a rush to the porcelain pony.
Guy 1: Hey bro, I gtgtas.
Guy 2: What the hell does that mean?!
Guy 1: I gotta to go take a shit man!
by totally_rad July 4, 2014
When a character or person is neither confirmed, nor denied to be straight. Usually, this is said in response to a homophobic comment such as “This character isn’t gay”.
A Schrodingers Queer is both gay, straight, or something else till it is confirmed.
Homophobe: super person isn’t gay, he would never associate himself with the sinful.

person: well they never confirmed he is straight either, so he is just a Schrödingers Queer.
by DrAccius July 26, 2021
A sexual act where a male repeatedly slides his penis under a female's (or male's) armpit as an alternative to penis to vag intercourse*.

Armpit sex may also be referred to as armpit fucking, pit fucking, putting one's dick in a headlock, or the pocket of paradise (referring to the armpit).

*Disclaimer: Be careful when experimenting with armpit sex as it may result in rashes or serious chaffing.
1. "Yo, I got a mad rash from getting pit fucked last night."

2. Carrie was on the rag so she and Matt had to resort to armpit sex for a few days.
by C. Beezy August 4, 2008
When you're using Waze in a city and you realize you're in a line of cars all making the same weird turns over and over together.
I've been the third car in this Waze train since La Brea.
by People Paula March 4, 2017
I cornobbled Jason. **smacks Jason with a fish**
by BW October 9, 2004
To Truss something up

Named after UK's shortest PM Liz Truss, who trussed up the economy with her trussonomics
Damn dawg, you really Trussed that up

What a trussing mess

You really did a truss eh?
by DarthBearHunter October 20, 2022