the new "you betcha", "let's go", "i'm in", et. al.
Guy 1: You ready to go to the game?
Guy 2: Giddy Up!
by red October 28, 2003
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In American democracy, when the majority party has enough votes to pass populist legislation, party leaders designate a scapegoat who will refuse to vote with the party thereby killing the legislation. The opposition is otherwise inexplicable and typically comes from someone who is safe or not up for re-election. This allows for maximum diffusion of responsibility.
WTF??? Senator Lieberman now opposes the same health care compromise he himself suggested. Just when everyone thought Democrats had enough votes to get this done. Guess they made Lieberman the rotating villain...
by brmull March 19, 2011
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Used synonymously with "my condolences". A way of showing deep appreciation or concern for a homie.
"My mom forgot to tell me my great grandma died"

"Oh shit, prayers up bro"
by Vanessa mills August 02, 2020
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Cli-fi is a contraction of climate fiction. It is a literary genre of works with a climate change theme. There is some argument over whether it is a sub-genre of science fiction or a genre in its own right.
Many cli-fi works raise awareness about the major threats that climate change and global warming present to life on Earth.
by wix99 April 08, 2014
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Also known as NSS this is a special addition to the meme calendar, there are two sides to the rules of this month's rules:

First rule, Do not treat any women this month with respect for being just a female treat them the way you would treat anyone else, do not "shoot shots" this month if you are already in a relationship you are allowed to continue your disgusting sexual activities. If a girl joins the voice chat on discord do not act surprised or draw attention to her. Incel behavior is so strong that it becomes so anti simp it becomes simpery. Incel behavior this month is therefore forbidden.

Second rule, individuals are not allowed to sponsor any OnlyFans content for a whole month, including subs to any given streamers not just females. To both male and female streamers Tier 1 subs are allowed nothing more, onlyfans support will be allowed but not more than $10 (including twitch content) of onlyfans purchasing a week. If you are desperate to throw your money away, throw it at the charities all over the world that need support not at women who sell pics of their bodies to get easy money.

Failure to go by these rules will result in self punishment, one must shove their genitals in a bucket of ice for 5 minutes, for women they must put blocks of ice in their panties until it melts.
Ian: I think i might go give a tier 3 sub to pokimane
Ethan: Don't do it! It's No Simp September
Ian: Shoot! I already sent the money over!
Calvin: I'll get the ice bucket. This is the third time today...
by @Nutpost on IG September 02, 2020
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A photo preview of a talking stage before it becomes an official relationship on social taking photos of their dinner plate and their hands, half their face or their shoes as to allude there's someone special in your life.
Kayla: Oh are you guys official now?
Hannah: No, we're doing a soft launch of our relationship incase it doesn't work out
Kayla: Good idea!
by beezkneez97 July 04, 2021
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