A mispelled word for human, mostly used when a cat "complains" to its human owner, or doing unusual stuffs
Look hooman! I sleep on ur bed so ur gurlfrend iz sneezing wen she iz wit u
by DogeItensifies March 18, 2015
Hooman is often what pets say instead of human. They usually use it when there asking for something from you.🐶🐱🐹
by Greencat38 October 28, 2020
Hooman is human in dog language
Doggie 1 "my hooman is coot"
Doggie 2 "no my hooman is cootest
by Ilovejakeandloganpauler February 5, 2019
A miswritten word of "human" usually used by parrots when talking about their owner.
by HoosierGamer November 14, 2018
The actual definition is that it's a name for some Persian men, but it's now more commonly used as a substitute for human, used by animals like dogs, cats, and apparently parrots. It's actually a very cute way of saying it, especially if you use it with a cute voice.
Zis hooman be useless - he will not give meh le cookies.
by Kitsune Aya February 10, 2020
A cute way of addressing another human being
Hey! Hooman
by theironman February 19, 2018
A guy who is usually Persian and is quite nice. He tends to be a bit arrogant but is sweet at the end of the day.
Hooman is a good sport.
by Raven cloak January 3, 2018