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A mispelled word for human, mostly used when a cat "complains" to its human owner, or doing unusual stuffs
Look hooman! I sleep on ur bed so ur gurlfrend iz sneezing wen she iz wit u
by DogeItensifies March 18, 2015
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A fun loving guy who can be a little crazy at times...and also a little slutty.
Damn, that's the third chick hooman hooked with this week!
by Trixy April 01, 2005
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A short, fat, bald, insecure and arrogant Persian man with hairy shoulders who's married but tells the girls he dates that he's on the verge of a divorce. He resorts to name -calling when angry and he's terrified of his wife! He may also be a sociopath.
I dated a guy who was rather unattractive but I thought he was nice. When he came over my place and saw that I'd received flowers from someone, he told me I should've thrown them out before he got there. He called me a slut and before I knew it, he'd turned into a Hooman before my eyes!
by zhan-zhan May 26, 2016
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A guy who is usually Persian and is quite nice. He tends to be a bit arrogant but is sweet at the end of the day.
Hooman is a good sport.
by Raven cloak January 02, 2018
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Skank 1: Damn girl, my ass is killing me
Skank 2: For realz?
Skank 1: Hell yeah! That hooman performed a murder one on my booty last night
by Skank 1 February 05, 2005
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