A common Southernism refering to a pain, spasm, or strain in a joint such as a neck, back, or knee.
I have a crick in my neck.
by Michael McQuaig October 30, 2003
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Country term for a creek that often runs dry.
Once the crick became saturated after the quick rain, I waited above, watching the night crawlers and the occasional crayfish come out.
by Heljojo May 14, 2016
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When rednecks inproperly pronounce "Creek" as "Crick"
Enus:Hey Josh wanna go to the crick?
Josh:Dont you mean "Creek"?
by ZackDennisRossisgreat November 28, 2009
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Crick is a top. Crick is the type of person that flirts with friends agressivley but doesn’t mean it or it’s as a joke. Crick is amazing!
Person1 “Hey look it’s Crick”

Person2 “They must be a top
by milf and dilf lover October 24, 2020
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(n) A pain in the neck due to a strain or pull of the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons that hold your

head up.

Origin: Middle English 15th century; unknow origin
Prob. Onomatopoeic
I woke up this morning with a crick in my neck.

ache pain
by DeltaOne February 18, 2015
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Crick is actually the way people from Oregon and Washington say "creek", you know like a small flow of water. You'll hear it a lot in the rural parts of the two states.
"Let's go down to the crick and shoot some squirrels."
by Keela March 3, 2005
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God damn, that crick just tried to lick my nutsack!”
by Grandmafucker Nutslap December 14, 2018
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