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A Word used to describe a person who constantly goes to drink, smoke, and/or fornicate, etc. in the Sigmund Stern Grove, in San Francisco, CA, more commonly referred to as "The Grove" to local private high-schoolers. This person lives and breathes The Grove.
Rob: Hey dude, does Logan party hard at The Grove?

John: Hell ya dude, he's a total grover, he chugs at LEAST two forties, and smokes ounce of dro at every Saturday night party, I'm surprised he's still alive!
by Dutchoven123 December 28, 2013
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One thousand dollars, from the portrait of Grover Cleveland on the no longer circulated one thousand dollar bill. First used in the 1984 novel Life Its Ownself by Dan Jenkins.
"It was nothing Big Ed couldn't handle with Grovers."
by Max C. Webster, III April 14, 2010
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The lovable, furry, old blue monster from Sesame Street. Usually tries to help Kermit the Frog by demonstrating things or selling products to him. Famous for his Near and Far lectures and his book "The Monster At The End Of This Book"
Hello everybodeee! This is your lovable, furry, old pal, Grover!
by Dee96 October 24, 2010
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to not sit behind the person driving a 2 door car; calling "grover" will let you sit behind the passenger and not be confined behind the driver.
Friend 1: I call "shotgun"

Friend 2: Well, "grover", i'm not getting stuck behind the driver

by Marcus J Morea September 17, 2008
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A skinny guy with a noticeable Buddha belly;

A male body resembling the fuzzy Sesame Steet character

"Dude, what yo momma feeds you? You're looking like Grover"
by santos b February 07, 2006
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A person from Lake Oswego Oregon that went to a elemtry school called River Grove. They ride BMX bikes, and drink energy drinks.
by beynamtit December 05, 2009
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1. A derrogatory term in reference to a Grove City College student. Typically naive, shallow, obedient sheep who have never seen the inside of a Psychology or Mythology book in their lives. Their arrogance is only surpassed by their ignorance and unwaivering devotion to the Judeo-Christian tradition. Enjoys referring to the citizens of Grove City as "Stupid Townies".
"How is it that Grovers are supposed to be so smart, yet they live on a campus that supresses nearly all freedom of thought and sexuality?"

"The Grovers don't know where they are. They see only that which is around them."
by Fung Shuei September 10, 2009
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