Big hoop earrings, often with the wearer's name in script across the horizontal diameter. It's not uncommon to rock a matching name chain.
"Giirrl, my ears are killin' me from wearing these heavy-ass doorknockers all day; i gotta be stylin' though, you know?"
by onthestrenf March 25, 2009
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When a free balling man, humps the back of another person allowing his balls to swing and strike like a doorknocker.
My back hurts from Pat doorknocking me last nite after his run around the track.
by thebumni September 21, 2009
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The act of inserting icecubes in ones partners anus then having anal sex. The icecubes are for pleasuring both partners. The ice is supposed to numb the anus for the receiver making it more comfortable and less painful.

I first heard it on the Bubba The Love Sponge Show.
Marsha: Greg told me he wanted anal sex again, and I told him no because it hurt the last time.

Jan: Well what did do?

Marsha: He suggested putting icecubes in my..... poop-shoot! He called it a Syberian Doorknocker!

Jan: Well did ya'll do it?

Marsha: Fuck yeah. I had an assgasm and I was numb all inside.
by WTXFTE March 20, 2010
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a nancy doorknocker is best accompanied with a trish salad while listening to eleanor rigby
by nancy d. July 11, 2021
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A discriminatory word used against those who follow the religion of Mormonism. This is because of the tendency for Mormons to go door to door trying to spread their religion/ book.
"Who was just at the door, honey?"
"Oh, just one of those Doorknockers."
by soymbean October 26, 2022
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when the government tells you through extrasensory perception who is trying to call or text message you
The family member got an electronic doorknock from their aunt about a minute before she called.
by Coop Dupe April 28, 2020
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