noun C usually plural
an activity that you spend time doing, usually when you are not working:
I enjoy outdoor pursuits, like hiking and riding.

by eagermma September 5, 2006
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An Alternative/Pop band based out of Massillon, Ohio.
Damn did you here The Pursuit's new CD, Welcome Back Freedom? It's the Shit!
by andwiththisgift August 4, 2008
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To suddenly get into a pursuit while shopping cart racing in a store, that involves heavy use of security guards chasing you in order to stop you from shopping cart racing.
1: That was a great race huh?
2: You bet! Oh shit, security guards! Hurry move MOVE MOVE!!
3: Hopefully they didn’t set up the Roadblocks by now. We can probably escape this security pursuit!
by Justicewithtacosandweed August 8, 2018
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Dude, I was blazed out of my mind and listening to the pursuit of happiness.
by combineelite October 19, 2010
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what nbc's primetime lineup should be called
there was nothing on tv last night

of course, and with the pursuit of crappyness running from 8-11 on nbc there was even less.
by b to the rizzle April 11, 2007
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An intensely difficult and particularly evil piece written for concert band by David Holsinger.

Coming in at just about 174 beats per minute this heart-racing piece spells hell in big, red, capitol letters in an obscenely large font for all those who have to play.

It features flutes and trumepts in an epic battle-type mayhem with its main melody switching every few bars to create an exciting but extremely confusing piece.
Band instructor: Alright, lets try this piece by David Holsinger.
Band: What's it called?
Band Instructor: (Tentatively) Abrahms Pursuit
Band: DEATH!
by AbrahmsPursuitCasualty March 19, 2008
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Pursuit and Root is when you’re about to abort mission (stop msging a girl you fancy) but then decide to pursuit that ass and root her.
I think I’m gonna pursuit and root this chick, I was thinking of aborting mission but I’ll pursuit and root that.
by gackedelmo June 18, 2019
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