50 definitions by Baz

smack, used in macc in gravy. thats why everyones addicted to fucking chips and gravy :)
man i need some scag chips
by Baz June 21, 2004
kind of like the scatman except no scatting. a lot of dadding though so BE CAREFUL!
I'm a DadMan! Weeee bu bu bada bo
by Baz January 20, 2005
A brick that is made from shit

An action apparantly done when scared

i coulnd't find any clay so i used my own shit to make bricks

I was shitting bricks when i visted the clinic
by Baz August 10, 2004
walking in a fashion where your knee reaches your chest and then the leg extends out from there to hit the ground and so on. Like John cleese in the famous silly walks sketch.
look at 'im bruv! 'ees walking all plockity like!
by Baz January 20, 2005
CHUN. to mean shit. Could be used in any situation
fuck off you chun head.
Man that k-grind was chun.
Well we chunned that one up.
by Baz June 18, 2004
A totally cool dude that was a nerd in highschool
"Hell! Is that Jimmy? He was such a nerd! What a swandog!"
by Baz March 3, 2004
an idiot ... referring to brain size
you peanut
by Baz January 8, 2004