Person 1: Why is that football team hugging in the bus?
Person 2: Brotherly love, man.
by Aleksej October 23, 2010
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the love that two brothers share for one another, wether your embarrasing eachother, fighting, or using it as an excuse to get away with something you did
Brother 1: Dude, why the hell did you that girl from the bar i have AIDS? that shits not true!!!

Brother 2: I know, but it was funny.

Brother 1: Im gonna kick your ass!!!

Brother 2: It was Brotherly Love!!
by 1 of the brothers!! June 14, 2010
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While embracing one's brother in a brotherly hug and wearing matching green tux ensembles, two girls are pleasured thoroughly. The position is as follows, simply known as the brosis double cheeseburger: older brother on bottom, younger sister on top of him, yellow blanket on top of her (acts as cheese in metaphorical double cheeseburger), older sister on top of the blanket, then younger brother. There is to be no blinking while in the act, and eyes must be as wide open as possible, staring directly at one's brother.
Consent is not a matter of fact it is discouraged
"dude, my bro and i pulled the brotherly love on these two sisters last thursday after math class"
"with the green tuxes?!?!"
"yeah man, they weren't green by the end though..."
by Therapist Kurt February 5, 2009
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Relations between brothers. Could be romantic,sexual,or just family love
Did you see David and Jacob kissing?
Yeah, that's some hardcore brotherly love.
by Crzy.Cake October 23, 2019
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The one and only city of Philadelphia.

Named the City of Brotherly Love based on the friendlyness of it's peoples.

Go Eagles.
by NewYorkSucks July 1, 2005
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its the city of brotherly hate!!!!!!!!

why because skateboaring was banned from love park

how can you have love for another person when you get arrested for skating love(hate) park
since our stupid mayor banned skateboarding at love park and put a heavy police presence who will arrest you how can we show love for one another

City of Brotherly Love is really just the city of brotherly hate



by anti-flag September 16, 2005
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