1. Slang term for a pair of breast implants that look unnatural, rock-hard and "bolted" onto their owner's chest much like the stiff, painful looking screws that were bolted on to the side of Frankenstein's neck in the classic horror film. This "bolted-on" look typically happens because of what is called capsular contraction. Capsular contraction is when scar tissue forms in the chest cavity and tightens around the implant(s), making the breast(s) hard and unnatural looking. The "bolted-on" look can also occur when extremely large breast implants are inserted into someone without enough fatty tissue in the breast area. "Bolt-ons" do not look natural. All bad boob jobs where it's obvious that the person has implants can be referred to as "bolt-ons".

2. A messed up boob job.

3. Cause for a malpractice suit.
"That chick's boob job doesn't look so good. It looks like she's got two rocks in her shirt."
"Yeah, those are a serious pair of bolt-ons."

by VeNaCE November 9, 2006
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Generally occur at an Australian cricket match, where they only sell light beer in big plastic cups. The empty cups are then stacked together to make a "snake".
The Twenty-20 cricket match at North Sydney oval in January 2006 saw a 23 meter long beer snake being paraded.
by miss-dobolina January 29, 2006
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A term used to describe new products or items from a company, brand, or seasonal release that you won't be buying. Usually referred to products that create a lot of hype and publicity that most people purchase due to advertising rather than necessity.
"My anti-haul for the year is the new iPhone - it's legit like the last one!"
"Girl any and all unicorn makeup is on my anti-haul list this Summer; I don't need 6 blue eye shadows!"
"I saw the new specs for the new Nike Zoom Air, and they going straight on my anti-haul list this season"
by shine3y May 18, 2017
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A chance happening with profound meaning, an unexpected blessing, a "sign".
Dr. Drew on Celebrity Rehab said "All of a sudden what had been just another Hollywood proposal became for him an unexpected blessing, an opportunity for growth. In drug recovery language, that's called a "God shot."
by Imogen1564 February 1, 2011
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Jayce didn’t feel like practicing soccer so he told the coach he had pretendonitis
by Jzman111015 March 21, 2018
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The upgraded version of "touch grass" used for those whom touching grass is too hard of a task. This essentially means that they are even more down bad than those who actually can go outside and touch grass, so instead they simply need to open the door and SEE natural light.
Me: "What did you done over the weekend?"
Friend: "Nothing much bro, I just played video games and watched Youtube videos all day."
Me: "Dang dude... you need to touch grass..."
Friend: "No, that's too hard for me. I rather just stay inside and play more. I'm almost at Platinum level."
Me: "Bro you need to SEE light. Just open your door at least."
by punchiron November 25, 2022
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Two butts, in a bed, under the covers, farting silently.
Aka, sleeper seepers.
We made a real whisper nest after those chili dogs last night.
by May 8, 2021
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