When you're using Waze in a city and you realize you're in a line of cars all making the same weird turns over and over together.
I've been the third car in this Waze train since La Brea.
by People Paula March 4, 2017
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I cornobbled Jason. **smacks Jason with a fish**
by BW October 9, 2004
To Truss something up

Named after UK's shortest PM Liz Truss, who trussed up the economy with her trussonomics
Damn dawg, you really Trussed that up

What a trussing mess

You really did a truss eh?
by DarthBearHunter October 20, 2022
1. A person who gets a high from chilis, especially really hot ones.

2. To eat a spicy pepper then perform oral sex.
I wanted to get back at my ex, so I gave him a chili head.

My chili head friends and I tried the jalapeno pepper and I got a high from it.
by homeconomics April 1, 2010
I am celebrating my one year divorceary with a party! Naturally, good and bad feelings of the split with my ex-husband come to mind.
by 206RayChill July 28, 2010
October's "elf on the shelf".

A bowl of gelatin is left around the house that a small skeleton rests on top of. The skeleton watches children and, if they're bad, comes to life and haunts them until after Halloween.

Color of gelatin does not matter. Aim for green or red.
Child: " But I don't wanna clean my room and take out the trash!"
Adult: " That's cool. The 'skeleton on the gelatin' may just come and haunts your ass then."
by TripodJim September 23, 2019
when companies pretend to be environmentally friendly when in fact they are not.
Both are examples of "greenwashing".

- planting a tree to clear your conscience of your new carbon emitting SUV purchase.

- Kyoto accord, the theory of emissions credits, where a country may go over their limit, but instead of dealing with the issue they just buy the unused credits off of a country that has not used all of theirs.
by Pete @ Humber September 19, 2007