2 definitions by rzklkng

The pasttime of attending garage sales in pursuit of other peoples junk that may or may not be cool.
I think we'll go garage sailing this weekend for Velvet Elvis'.
by rzklkng August 25, 2003
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Who are the "digerati" and why are they "the cyber elite"? They are the doers, thinkers, and writers who have tremendous influence on the emerging communication revolution. They are not on the frontier, they are the frontier.

The digerati evangelize, connect people, adapt quickly. They like to talk with their peers because it forces them to go to the top of their form and explain their most interesting new ideas. They give each other permission to be great. That's who they want to talk to about the things they are excited about because they want to see if it plays. They ask each other the questions they are asking themselves, and that's part of what makes this cyber elite work.
He thinks he's one of the digerati becaus he had a blog in 1997!
by rzklkng August 08, 2003
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