An orgasm experienced only on the face. It starts from the nose and it "cums" out so quickly from it like *squirt* and it all feels good.
I like sneezing...feels good.
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The act of ejaculating or cumming if you are a man. So to "sneeze" means to cum.
I was sneezing so much last night when my girlfriend got her tits out.
by Henry Morgan May 25, 2007
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You sit over the toilet and fart really bad with the runs.The runs; it's not exactly runny, and it's not exactly chunky, but a mix.
Dude I am sneezing into the toilet!
by Joe R. M. April 14, 2008
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I sneezed twice and it was the best feeling ever.
by Candeesaye May 6, 2015
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To expel something out of your nose at a high velocity.
When you sneeze, you expierence 1/10 of an orgasm.
The man sneezed all over the rabid dog.
by Whatever doc August 22, 2003
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The most closest thing to an orgasm. The feeling, the built-up, the release...Similar. Except, the sneeze is only in your nose. Hence why, they call it a nasal orgasm.
Oh wait...I...I...I'm about to....sneeze....Oh, oh, ah, ah, ugh, ugh, ugh, God.....AaaAaAaahhhhhchooooooo! Whew! That felt good. Excellent release.
by Ring Ring Ring July 25, 2009
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