Also, Old Yeller. Only the greatest dog who ever lived. Anyone who doesn't cry after seeing this movie probably lacks a soul, or hates puppies.
Lassie was a hell of a dog, but that bitch has got nothing on Old Yeller.
by Jimmy G. February 28, 2005
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what people in tennessee say for yellOW..
god, i miss florida.
"i got that yeller truck from dad, he done got him a new'n"
by bloopidybloopbloop May 6, 2009
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the word meaning hello, or good moring. this word was developed during 1916 when slavory first started. Slave owners would typically announce yeller! every morning to wake the slaves up
Yeller!, whats going on; Yeller! time to wake up !
by yeller3 October 11, 2011
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1. Someone who yells a lot
2. Another word for yellow, mainly cause yellow people yell alot
1. Quit being such a yeller!
2. Asians are yeller people.

3. Even though Donald Trump is not yeller, he is a yeller.
by The Best UD User June 4, 2017
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Slang for hello or hi
yeller, kelso b dere?
by Anonymous March 29, 2003
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