Things you Should Know Abot TN Before Moving Here (for Northerners):
1.What sweet tea(tea with sugar) amd sweet milk (not buttermilk) are.
2.Memphis is Detroit with a Southern accent.
3.No snowdays. Just "ice on the road" days. If the temp goes below 25F, we think a new Ice Age is upon us.
4.110 F is "a tad warm".
5. "Kiss my ass" is a perfectly acceptable way to end an argument.
6. Saying "Bless her/his heart" before you insult someone will safely allow you to drag them through the mud.
7.Toast is unnatural. Eat biscuits like God meant you to.
8. Flirtin' is Southern tradition. It doesn't mean you're getting lucky.
9. If you try to speak with our accent, remember draw out your vowels, y'all is two or more people, and y'all's is plural possessive. Don't blame me if you get an ass-whoopin'.
10. If you don't like it down here, the airline goes both ways.
All my exes live in Texas that's why I reside with pride in Tennessee
by hickchick June 10, 2004
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I have lived in Tennessee since I was five. I am an educated individual who knows how to speak English correctly, without an accent. I attended one of the best public schools in the nation. And yes, it is located in Tennessee. I care about social justice issues. And I AM TENNESSEAN. As a Tennessean, I am sick and tired of the stereotypes of my great state. I am sick and tired of hearing that my friends and neighbors are rednecks with little intelligence. As a college student studying in the Northeast, someone recently told me that they were sorry I lived in Tennessee. Am I sorry? NO. These misconceptions about the state are formed by men and women who are themselves ignorant. Such ignorance reflects a lack of respect and real world education. Such ignorance perpetuates misunderstanding. Misunderstanding leads to greater global issues.
Instead, we should recognize Tennessee for its great contributions in ALL genres of music, for its beauty, and for its hospitality. We should respect it for its leading hospitals and for its historic value. This is Tennessee. Similarly, to curb the affects of ignorance we must recognize all states and nations for their great contributions as well.
From the ABC show Grey's Anatomy:
George: A southern accent doesn't make you stupid.

And neither does being from Tennessee.
by againstignorance May 13, 2006
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A great southern state with wonderful moral and ethical values. Just because you live in TN does not mean that you are hick that can't speak proper English. Yes, some of us do have an accent... but so do people from all around the north, midwest, east coast, west coast, and what have you. Some of the previous entries that talk about the school system being horrible and we talk lik dis... and we from tenner see and we eeet whiskey an' good ol' possum pie. NO ONE EATS OPOSSUM PIE. We are not hicks, and we are not stupid. We don't go walking around barefoot with hay hanging out of our mouths. I am proud to call myself a Tennessean. And if you have a problem with Tennessee, keep it to yourself, don't go nagging and talking about it being a worthless state and hell on earth. If you live here, and you hate it.. THEN LEAVE!! Stop complaining and whining and do something about getting out of our state, that we call home, and go back to wherever you came from.
Tennessee, a civilized moral and ethical state.
by proud to be from TN July 12, 2006
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East,west and part of the middle of this state are straight drugs. Tennessee is the #1 producer of moonshine, 2nd state for cannabis production (behind California), and is one of the largest crystal meth producing states. All drugs are readily available in neighborhoods or schools.

People here like to chill old school. Most of time here are getting fucked up or getting fucked up the doing some other form of recreation.
Let's head over to Tennessee to the city of Johnson and get fucked up.
by Tniggsss November 23, 2007
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a hick state in the south; its 2 largest citys are known for their music- memphis is an old river city and is a haven for good blues and rock, while nashville is a piece of crap in the center with country; knoxville and anything east of there is hick central
if you have to live in tennessee, make sure its in memphis, so you can hear the blues and cheer on the grizzlies
by StatesDude April 1, 2004
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Ground Zero for mediocre hick losers. Stay away. You still can; you still have a chance. I don't.

Homosexuals, psychos, 90 IQ crackers, some quiet but sneaky blacks, and people who stumbled off the set of a Civil War movie, blinking and pissy. Take a poor Irishman, give him a lobotomy, and you've got yourself a denizen of Lower Appalachian. Jews own the downtowns but get alarmingly hickish over the years. IQ tends to corrode fast here.
by Tennessee4eva April 12, 2007
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Tennesse is a southern state landlocked by eight states. They are Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri. The state is divided into three general areas; West Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and East Tennessee.

It is a beautiful state filled with breathtaking sights. Huge mountain ranges, rolling hills, deep valleys, glistening lakes and rivers, blue skies, open fields, caves, and amazing wildlife! In fact, Tennessee is the state with the most caves! There are 8,350 to date. There are also many preserved areas for the peoples enjoyment. There are fifty-four state parks.

My Opinions:
Tennesse has a high Christian percentage but, of course, this does not mean that we all have holier-than-thou attitudes! Many of the people you would find here are kind individuals willing to help you with directions since your Northern brain cannot seem to comprehend our highly intelligent system of winding, dirt roads! We aren't afraid to go trekking into the woods at two o'clock in the morning to go hunting or wake up at three a.m. to hook the boat up to the truck! Tennesseans are hardy and kind people. (Not saying that people from other states aren't!) Tennessee has a raw, natural charm that captures many hearts. That's why we are a major capital of music and scenery.

Not ALL of us enjoy the outdoorsy activities though! (Oh, and most of us know that our football team isn't the best. At least some us are able to stick up for the losing team instead of running to the winning team with our tail between our legs.) There are plenty of us who enjoy logging onto the internet and totally proving people wrong about our fair state! Thank you for reading! Perhaps I've changed your mind about us...?
Steven: "I need a new vacation spot. The beach is getting so tiresome..."

Mary: "Have you ever been to Tennessee? It's full of fun things to do and pretty scenery."

Steven: "Pfft. No. It's full of hicks and it's boring."

Mary: "Wow... You've never been more wrong in your LIFE. To think I was your friend!"
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