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what people in tennessee say for yellOW..
god, i miss florida.
"i got that yeller truck from dad, he done got him a new'n"
by bloopidybloopbloop May 06, 2009

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Ahh..weed. Gotta love it. It gives you munchies from hell! When im blitz i eat just about everything. Im just sittin there chillin watching music videos, and fucking A! it just hits me! I jump up and can barely carry all the food back to the couch. I definitely agree, you never seem to get full..everrrrr. everything tastes like heaven. ahh..man, i wish i was toked..=/
Yesterday, when i had the munchies, i had like no food in the house..so i ate just about a whole loaf of bread, a few fudgecicles, and a whole pack of fig newtons..Dude, i still wanted more food. but there wasnt anything..=(
by bloopidybloopbloop May 06, 2009

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ok, lets quit dissing the emos.
emo stands for emotional.
many of them dont know how to cope with the many hard obstacles of life(like me) and many of them turn to cutting themselves. it helps release everything that is being held inside. not all emos have black spiky hair and tight jeans etc. an emo person can look like a prep. it doesnt matter, fact is, is that emo means emotional.

it can also be a style.
Im having a tough time dealing with life, so people call me emo.
by bloopidybloopbloop May 06, 2009

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