Having started and possible finished something.
I done got ate.
by 330Pilot July 12, 2003
an statement used to express a failure, or something that can be considered painful for either u or someone else that u are referring to. It is usually spontaneously blurted wen one person gets very lucky or unlucky against overwhelming odds.
/ted head shots some one in halo 3, no scoping, while moving right before chris gets an overshield
Ted: "the booty done got!"
by the butt sexer August 30, 2010
When a person has been baffled, bamboozled or otherwise tricked in some way.
by LordCari April 1, 2017
When utilizing StumbleUpon (With porn topics enabled), one may hit the "Stumble" button, be distracted by a friend/barking dog/TV, and glance back at screen only to greeted by extreme acts of porn unexpectedly. Thus, provoking a noise such as, "Whoa!"

Justin: "Toby, what the hell are you yelling about?! All's well, you're just tripping man. I'm gonna get back to Stumbling...... WHOA, THERE 4 DUDES AND A GRANNY ON MY SCREEN!! STUMBLEUPON DONE GOT ME!!"
by Maddmatt4life June 17, 2011
1: Was prosecuted.
2: Was defrauded.
3: Was fucked (in any sense).
1: "Daves got done for stopping on a red route"
2: "I got done for that saxo, it cost me £3000"
3: "She got done by steve after the club"
by oracle March 13, 2004
To have experienced all aspects of an event, show, or "famous" thing, to the point of ennui.
- I hear there is another new rave club starting up downtown.

- Been there, done that, got the T-shirt - just not interested anymore.
by soloact November 4, 2010
A sex act where the male parter vomits while releasing his load in his partners mouth. If with a female partner, while fisting the vagina.
by Fatgoppher February 15, 2014