The one word that makes people sing Adele whenever it is mentioned (usually as a greeting), much to the chagrin of the one who originally said it.
A: Hello!
B: It's me! I was wondering if after all these--
A: *flips table*
by Mathtician December 21, 2017
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bro wtf are u doing on urban dictionary searching "hello" do something with ur life pls
don't complain that I am writing this definition of "hello" I'm only writing this becuz I have no friends
by loneyshit November 9, 2019
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It's a form of salutation of greeting in the English language, aslo used at telephone.
by RetardWolf July 27, 2017
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what you say when your talking casually with friends and your mom walks in the room
What the hell(mom enters)-o mom.
by mad at the world March 24, 2003
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Knowing that this is Urban Dictionary, hello is a sex position.
So my girlfriend wanted it, and I gave her a hello last night. It felt amazing!
by 12yz12ab February 12, 2015
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1. A greeting
2. A for of incredulity
1. 'HELLO!!!!!!'
2. 'I satyed at home last night watching movies'
'... HELLO!!?!! You were supposed to come to my party last night!'
by DJ December 11, 2003
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