The one urinal, always located at the far left or right of the line of porcelain pee-ers, that is significantly lower than the other urinals.
"All the stalls are full, Junior, but you're tall enough now to use the Gary Coleman."
by JohnInCleveland May 12, 2008
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When a guy is receiving fellatio from a girl and she is getting too horny and saying things like "spray it in my face", right before you go you look down and say "what chu talkin bout willis?" So she giggles then squirt it down her throat
Dude1:"she was all loud and annoying the other day so i gave her a gary coleman..."
Dude2:nice! Did you start humming Different Strokes theme after?
by choochoodude1 October 20, 2010
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A Century stand, aka a "C-stand," is a device commonly used in photography and filmmaking to support lights, flags, etc.

A standard C-stand is 40 inches high. A Gary Coleman refers to the 20-inch variety, for use when space is at a premium.
Hey, tell that PA over there to grab me six of those Gary Colemans and a jelly doughnut.
by doritoboi November 5, 2006
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the hitting of one's own head, resulting in death
Dude, I busted my face on the cabinet door. Check out the bruise. I'm lucky I didn't pull a Gary Coleman.
by data_bore June 1, 2010
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A drink comprised of equal parts orange juice, cranberry juice, and Sprite.
Mark, while you're up getting another plate of delicious chicken and buttered green beans, grab me a Gary Coleman. And another roll.
by GizmoKSX August 16, 2008
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A descriptive antonym for that which would make someone say "Yayyyy..."
"This vanilla milkshake is really Gary Coleman, Yayyyy..."

Or in the opposite;

"That car accident was so NOT Gary Coleman."
by LucidDreamer January 15, 2009
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