A person with no guts. A person who whines all day and sits around and cries like a little baby for years over nothing. Will blow anything out of proportion and create drama to forget about their sad miserable lives.
Vitale is a such a wussy. He whines about EVERYTHING.
by drfd January 14, 2008
a person with no guts
c'mon, fool! smoke that joint you wussy!
by Ryan "Homie G" October 5, 2003
"Rat, Your a wussy. Part Wimp, part pussy."

Mike Damone - "Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

by Beacon Hill Low Life July 23, 2002
someone who is scared to do things or does something and is scared of being done the same thing
this guy insults people and is too scared to be insulted back, hes a whussy
by jake April 22, 2005
wussy isnt a wimp and a pussy its me(Lauren) and Lindsays defintion of Wet Pussy
Ex.Man after that boy went downtown i had a damn wussy girl hahah
by Mo and Lenny June 26, 2004