A moist, or wet, female vagina, typically wet from something they find hot.
"Oh no! I got a wet pussy from Jared's bulge!"
by Long Penis John May 22, 2018
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Usually, a man needs to show the woman nudes of his big hard cock to get the woman a wet pussy. Once the woman sees the nudes, she immediately wants more. Her vagina gets a gooey liquid that can be Yellow, Clear, or White. No matter how hard you wipe, the goo won't go away until you close down the picture or porn and wait a tiny bit.
"My Wet Pussy Is So Wet Right Now."
by Chanyeol Ai June 29, 2020
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something girls have when they see danny devito
My wet pussy craves Danny DeVito
by jfKWB January 30, 2020
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when my pussy is wet I am having sex and I am horny
i have a wet pussy
by jman2005 October 25, 2017
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when a female gets horny, her privates get wet
That guy was kissing on my chest and then i got so horny that my pussy got wet.
by realness November 23, 2003
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My pussy got wet in the rain! Gotta dry her fur!
by Tim XYZ October 27, 2003
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