A person who is sus (suspicious) and cute
You are so sussy wussy babe!
by funnybananman December 2, 2021
bussy wussy
guy: duded i love bussy wussy
duded: ikr my friend also loves bussy wussy
by dash404 February 21, 2022
Someone who talks big but quickly retreats and shows no spine.
Can you believe that guy? He has absolutely no cojones. What a Gator wussy!
by bareback rider December 5, 2008
A male coward who is extremely weak when it comes to relations with women.
"Damion's girlfriend cheated on him and he still didn't break up with her...he's such a pussy wussy."
by fingers November 11, 2004
someone who's acting like a pussy and to of a chicken to do anything and acting like a nun.
ex: go do it and stop being such a wussy prick!
by ashley bogus September 1, 2008
"you heard about Angelina?"
"No, why?"
"People been sayin she got a pet wussy, but thats just what I heard on the DL."
by Valeri September 4, 2017
Combination word comprised of "woman" and "pussy", first coined on the preadolescent playgrounds of the early 1970's. Considered one of the most insulting things young boys at the time could call each other. Each word by itself was an insult, and by combining both words into one it doubled the the insult. Started out as wussy, and in later years was shortened to wuss.
"You can't catch a pass you wuss wussy."

"Are you too chicken to try it? You're such a wuss wussy."
by liguistador December 15, 2013