“Only my husband can put his penis in my wussy

“I’m saving my wussy for my wedding night
by wizardwussy101 February 14, 2019
A bunch of wussies is a "bushy puss of a crazed dyke", pretty much the lowest form of a bitch/pussy.

(The rapper) Jarren Benton used this word in the track "Razorblades & Steak Knives".
Me: Fuck off, y'all just a bunch of wussie ass niggas.
by mr4ffe October 8, 2013
"I Boofed that wussy last night yearnamean!" said Beugs.
by Haoni Tayler August 13, 2017
A wussy is the idiot that's searching this right now.
by baconmeatballs December 6, 2017
When a womans waist is so big that it runs in to her pussy.
Damn that bitch is so big she's got a wussy!
by Wussylover March 25, 2006
If you are Wussy-Crap you are scared of doing something because you a bad at it.
Bully: Why aren't you doing it. Are you WUSSY-CRAP?
by Fechals July 22, 2020