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Performed classically when your giving it to a chick doggy style. While she's unaware your doing it, place your thumbs to your temples and extend your fingers. This will look like antlers if properly executed. Then for as long as you feel necesary wave the antlers at the girl. Oringinating out of the depths of Colorado and delivered best by a Sloan.
Did you hear about that guy giving the moose to that chick.
by Harry Ballasgna April 05, 2004
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The act of inserting both thumbs, fingernail to fingernail, into the rectum of a female sexual partner, whilst engaging in "doggy-style" vaginal intercourse. After insertion of the thumbs, the remaining fingers are to be spread like moose antlers, and used to grasp the buttocks of the female partner.
My girlfriend loves it when I give her the Moose, as I am taking her from behind.
by Randolpho2 October 16, 2008
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Have your bed facing a door opening while a girl is giving you a blow job. Then when your buddy opens the door with out her knowing to take a picture you give her moose antlers right before the picture is taken.
The guys laughed when they saw Jack's picture of Frank giving some girl the moose.
by DriveBySpanking September 04, 2006
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The sign given to a friend in hiding while in doggie style behind
some chick. It is performed by placing both hands over the head, with
palms facing out and waving wildly. Can be supplemented by shouting "Hey Rocky" (see also BULLWINKLE)
Steve was hiding in my closet, and while I had her doggy-style I gave him a quick moose.
by John Boy December 23, 2003
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A moose known for stalking of big tall men. She likes to go after men with big man meat, so that she can feed her appetite for cock meat. She was once seen roaming the grounds of Saratoga Race Track lost ane bewildred during the great Dooley famine of 2009.
Hey look over there it's The Moose hunting for large meat stick to bury in Her mouth.

Wow that's one crazy moose.
by Horse Face hannas June 30, 2009
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