Performed classically when your giving it to a chick doggy style. While she's unaware your doing it, place your thumbs to your temples and extend your fingers. This will look like antlers if properly executed. Then for as long as you feel necesary wave the antlers at the girl. Oringinating out of the depths of Colorado and delivered best by a Sloan.
Did you hear about that guy giving the moose to that chick.
by Harry Ballasgna April 6, 2004
Have your bed facing a door opening while a girl is giving you a blow job. Then when your buddy opens the door with out her knowing to take a picture you give her moose antlers right before the picture is taken.
The guys laughed when they saw Jack's picture of Frank giving some girl the moose.
by DriveBySpanking September 5, 2006
The underhanded tactic of getting what you want when the cat is away.
When you get asked out for "coffee" and realise its not for an actual coffee.....You've been Moosed!
A large animal with antlers. See also: Jared Padalecki
What is the plural for moose?

MOOSEN! I saw a flock of moosen. There were many of them, many much moosen!
by starrilynight August 21, 2011
Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol to the extent that everything you say is highly offensive.
Neil : "Mate, you was so moosed last night. You told your father-in-law that you fuck his daughter every night in his house!"
Paul : "Shit man, I hate getting moosed!"
by OnTheMoose June 10, 2015
To be a complete mess after drinking a lot of alcohol
"Paul has only had five beers but he's completely moosed. He just told Emily she has a smelly pussy."
by Mooseboy2 June 10, 2015