When one laughs at something that is extremely funny that it just makes their stomach hurt.
Oh man, have you seen "Knocked Up"? That movie is fucking guts!
by tmulababy March 07, 2010
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Noun. the inside of a vagina; i.e. pussy
I called that bitch up, and she came over and gave me some skull and guts.
by DJ FoxPhyre March 25, 2003
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The tobacco from the inside of a blunt/cigar after it has been cut open in order to refill it back up with some weed. They are thrown out once they are removed because they have no use because tobacco sucks and weed rules.
Hand me that trash can so i can throw out these guts.
by anon15432 March 26, 2007
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One of the greatest shows ever on Nickelodeon, and any other television channel for that matter. Hosted by Mike O'Malley, and head referee Moira Quirk. Three kids compete against eachother in a series of grueling athletic events. This is later finished by a race in which they climb a monsterous mountain (the Aggro Crag, Mega Crag, or Super Aggro Crag). The winner has the honor of taking home A GLOWING PIECE OF THE RADICAL ROCK.
D-D-D-Do you have it? GUTS!
by Necrophagist May 12, 2005
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