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or 'Mocka'

Abbreviation of, 'mocking bird', which in Australian rhyming slang means, 'turd'.
" Where's the dunny? I have to hang a mocka."
by Sean September 16, 2003
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a sweet ass skateshop
man, ampt is a sweet ass skateshop.
by Sean February 26, 2005
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A flash cartoon and/or game made to show hate towards a fad. Rarely any good.
The other day I played an anti-flash game on newgrounds about Pokemon. I am neutral towards Pokemon, but it wasn't a very good flash.
by Sean March 27, 2005
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Nothings wrong, but its just not right.
Im not mad at you or anything, i've just been anti-moses lately
by Sean January 3, 2004
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word that is used to descride a posser or someone who trys to act like there a punk but isnt.

the capital K comes from the word
punK rawK
hows it going capital K
by Sean March 8, 2004
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Only The Coolest Person Ever. A CFK is someone that everyone aspires to be like, and only cool Canadians can ever gain the level of coolness that is CFK.
Son: "Man dad, i wanna be JUST like CFK when I grow up."
Dad: "Why is that son?"
Son: "Because he is just SO DAMN COOL!"
by Sean January 28, 2004
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