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I tagged Brewer's mom last night and man, she's got a huge van bramer! I had to floss for like an hour after munching on that carpet.
by Sean November 18, 2003
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17th century, one who could smell the events of the past or future.
Danny was an idiot, he claimed to be clairpotent.
by Sean May 26, 2004
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An overrated wrestler who doesnt know when to quit.
Shawn Michaels,the "Show Stoppa",the "ICON",or my favorite the "LIAR".
by Sean April 2, 2005
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the act of shitting in a bag and ringing someones door and slapping them in the face with it profusely and then when the shits everywhere kick them in the stomach and haul ass
LOL look at that loser who just got a brown bag special or we're gunna go to *name*'s house and give them a brown bag special
by Sean May 19, 2003
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a sweet ass skateshop
man, ampt is a sweet ass skateshop.
by Sean February 26, 2005
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