A man who abandons a woman he impregnated. Named after the character Mike Damone from the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. After impregnating the character Stacy, he first promises to help pay for an abortion but later reneges.
Stacy found out the hard way that Mike was nothing more than a Damone when he bailed on her after knocking her up.
by Carl Stawicki June 15, 2011
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"Damonism" is a common term (typically used by Generation X and Millennial's alike) associated with an obese, hippie-redneck from the DFW metroplex area of Texas. It is generally used to describe a pot smoking, kept man's (or house-bitch's) personal philosophy, daily behavior and manners, coupled with his greed and dishonesty. Specifically used as a catchall word for the following combination of words:

Hippie Redneck
His Damonism ruined the whole party
She reprimanded him for Damonism.
His Damonism knows no bounds.
If it were not for his Damonism, he would be a good guy.
Just an act of typical Damonism
Damonism is not allowed here
Stop it with the Damonism already
He hit me with some Damonism
by Unstoppable Karma September 9, 2019
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A man who can be a complete charming douche while also being sweet in a twisted way.
One of the reason you love him so much is his.....damonness
by damon salvatores wife September 5, 2020
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Sexy motherfucker, short temper, Will snap your neck to get on his nerves, sociopathic, pyro, knife freak, but surprisingly puts God first
"He just lit that she's on fire, he must be such a Damon!"
by Raidersrule January 15, 2017
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A sexy all around guy, plays sports and is good with girls. A nice guy overall and sleeps with ''people" a lot. Never messes with anyone, you should want a Damon
by Lmaodamoncarroll May 6, 2015
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Tall, sexy, dark haired man with sociopathic tendencies. Someone who steals his brother's girlfriend (See "Stefan"), even though she's not that smart or attractive (See "Elena"). Has amazing eyes. Best friend one day, snaps your neck the next. Loves cats.
Elena: Sorry Stefan, I love Damon now.
Stefan: But we're doppelgangers that are meant to be together! *cry*
Damon: *snaps Stephan's neck* That'll shut him up. Now let's have sex.
by Naenaj Sivraj November 10, 2013
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Affectionate, highly emotional but will never show it expect in anger ( they tend to blink a lot). Body like a Greek God. Hard working, family oriented and a usually a well and sweet mannered southern boy. Generous and giving but Damons are NOT patient people. Damon's do not stay still, they go from place to place hence the spelling of the name backwards NOMAD.
did you see Damon today? No he left already, he couldnt wait.
by GREATERTHINGS June 7, 2011
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