An individual and or a state of being that involves acting like a pussy and wussy simultaneously. Using lacks both genitiles and with no self confidence.
Why didn't you fuck that mother and daughter combo at the bar last night? You are such a wussy pussy!
by EAgames December 1, 2015
Owning a pet, that so happens to be a wussy
“Have you seen the girl with a Pet Wussy?”
“No, why?”
by Osakinator July 10, 2022
Person 1: did you hit the new girl yet?

Person 2: Id rather not. Heard she got a buhdangha wussy..
by SSPugz December 25, 2021
when the guy is afraid of the girl in the relationship
levik is afraid of jasmine what a pussy wussy
by diondion January 14, 2008
Kinder, more guised form of "Pussy Willow" without saying the word "pussy".
by Droopy May 9, 2003
Mildly insulting term used to describe a broad range of wordtrendy/word alcoholic beverages, such as Smirnoff Ice, Mike's Hard Lemonade, wine coolers, etc. Sometimes incorrectly used to include all mixed drinks, or even all drinks other than straight hard alcohol.
Lay off the wussy sauce and throw back some wordJ&B/word.
by Doc Sigma September 24, 2003