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If not the most beautiful then one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet, inside and out. She is crazy and not bothered about other peoples opinion. The funniest laugh you'll ever hear, and can't help but make you laugh. She's always happy, even if she's not she'll fake a smile. Everybody loves her, and if you have her as your best friend you are the luckiest person as she will say beautiful things to you, and shout your nickname in the middle of the street if she see's you. she wears the nicest clothes and has a amazing personality. she will be one of the most incredible friends you have. she's a lovely person and she'll never be replaced she's one of a kind. she will put a smile on your face. she will sing and dance where ever and will do anything to have a good time. she is the most amazing friend you'll come across.
by Jazzzo October 5, 2011
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An amazing smart women who steals any man who walks by. She is a wonderful person to have as a best friend and always knows how to cheer you up when your sad. She has a great scene of humor and if you don't like it you can leave.
Look over there is Lauren, she looks very nice today.
by Xoxo_bae March 15, 2018
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One of the most beautiful girls in the world. She is so funny and so bright. She has an amazing smile and gorgeous eyes. She is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is hilarious, sweet, caring, loyal, kind, loving, fun, a little crazy at times, and one of a kind. She is the only friend who would actually risk their life to save you. They are determined and a little stubborn. But they know how to one in a million. Don't ever let her go. She can never be replaced
by Kkkkkkkkkkkk September 29, 2013
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Lauren is someone that would make you happy in every way possible. She's the type of person that would make your day and make you smile like an idiot. Lauren is a good person and she gets jealous quickly which shows that she actually cares for you. She's a very funny person it's always fun to hangout with her. Sometimes, she hides things from you but with enough convincing, she will eventually tell you. Lauren is someone who will love you with all of her heart and all of her evergreen soul. Another quality is that Laurens are somebody that would punch you and hurt you because she loves you. Lastly, Lauren is someone who would care for you and care for others before her own self. The definition of beautiful is Lauren and I'm glad to have one in my life.
by WillyMilly March 8, 2016
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The best kind of human being there is, beautiful personality, matched with beautiful eyes and smile and everything else. They also have the cutest butt in the world.
Wow look at her butt, she must be lauren
by Overthinkingboy November 29, 2014
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Lauren is one of the most beautiful girls ever to walk the planet. She has a smile that lights up anyone's day. Her brown hair always looks amazing. She looks good in just about everything, although most days she wears jeans and a sweatshirt. She also has great curves. None of this matters though, because on the inside, she's so perfect that you'll forget how beautiful she looks. She's extremely smart, nice to everyone, loyal to her friends, patient, but also not afraid to put her foot down. She is also athletic, playing softball and volleyball.
Synonyms for Lauren include:
Holy crap, I think Lauren actually looked at me! Her smile just made my day!
by SteelGraph February 11, 2016
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