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Lauren is a beautiful girl who makes everything happier in her presence. She has perfect golden hair that goes great with her amazing body. Her smile makes time slow down for the world to watch in awe. She has the lips, the legs, and the hips of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Lauren is very active. She will eat copious amounts of candy but will never gain weight.

Lauren’s personality makes everybody want to be with her all the time. She is very kind, funny, sweet, smart, and full of energy. She’s always down for going on an adventure, and she is very photogenic-even when she just woke up 2 minutes ago. Every guy that crosses her path tries his very best to win her heart, and she is great at deciding whether that guy is cool or a douchebag. Her decisions on who to date are on point.

The one and only flaw Lauren has is the fact that she likes country music, and that’s not even that big of a deal to some people. She loves animals and the outdoors. She gets work done and is a great influence on other people. She works hard and plays harder.

Every guy wants his own Lauren whether he admits it or not. She is such a babe.
John: "Bro, I just need a girl that is so perfect you can't describe her in words."
Philip: "Sounds like you need a Lauren!"

"Duuuuude, look at that ten! She is a Lauren for sure."
by Chadalon May 26, 2016
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A Lauren is someone who is extremely beautiful inside and out. She always puts others before herself even if it causes her stress. When she's upset she doesn't want people to know because she feels powerless and she's a strong person. She is caring and compassionate but she doesn't take crap from anyone. She's not afraid to dance in the street but she can be calm and quiet when she wants to. When people talk to her they can't help but smile because she's a very positive person. When i see sunshine I think of a Lauren. She really is just a big ball of sunshine. She's not confident about herself and she's generally very self conscious. She's not quick to trust anyone but she's also not quick to judge. A Lauren is the kind of person you want to keep in your life forever because she really can brighten your darkest days. If you are blessed enough to have a Lauren in your life never let her go.
Person 1: Dude do you see that girl?
Person 2: Yeah she's a total Lauren.
by Happychiquita January 07, 2015
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The one girl who will never stop blowing your mind. she has a magical power that can erase your memory, she can take the worst thing ever and make you not even care. she is the kind of person everyone wants the one who is so beautiful in her own kinda beauty everyone knows she is the prettiest girl alive and everyone wants her yet she has already chosen her man. she is human yet at the same time angelic she knows all the right words to make a person feel better she always wants everyone to be happy and she will do anything to make her man happy she is lover. if you ever get the pleasure of spending time with her you'll understand. Lauren is the one everyone wants but only one gets and no one else will ever touch her.
Lauren is more beautiful than a Sun rise in the middle of summer. Lauren is the one everyone wants but only one gets.
by sweet lucille January 14, 2013
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Lauren is the most beautiful smart person ever. She is funny kind and never judges others. she shows compassion. Lauren is the light of life shes amazing in every way. she is the dream girl and she is worst every breath of air so never waste your time with her shes basically happiness in a person.
"Aww dude Lauren is amazing i love talking to he."
by McFaggot November 08, 2014
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Lauren is a girl who'll do anything just to make you smile. She's strong, independant and smart but it's ultimately her kindness that'll melt your heart. Then, after your heart is open to her and she's made you smile you'll want nothing more than to see her smile because though Laurens' are pretty it's their smiles that make them beautiful.
The second Lauren smiled at me, was the second I knew I'd never see anything more dazzling.
by DancingMoon December 27, 2011
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A most beautiful creature who's mere presence makes your world 100% better and makes you want to be around her more. Her beautiful smile and eyes are only surpassed by her thirst of knowledge and amazing brain. She makes anyone around her want to be a better person. Her love and touch is like nothing on this earth and maybe not in your heaven. My girl makes my heart complete!
Laurens touch is so electric that my heart jumps any time she touches me
by LoveMyGrillMasterBitch December 04, 2014
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An amazing girl who's pretty, intelligent and doesn't mind giving up her time for anyone. She is very protective of her family and close don't want to mess with her. She might act tough and nasty on the outside but inside shes very kind and caring. Lauren's have amazing personalities... shes a person you can laugh a lot with and have fun times with. Shes the perfect woman and many men think so however, this leads to jealousy and hatred from females after Lauren gets all the attention Once you know a Lauren your life will change forever, she truly is the greatest person I've ever met.

Shes also a bit of a minx in bed. If your lucky enough to bag her in bed she will ensure you remember the night. Shes amazing at giving head and fantastic on top. Truly an amazing miracle in bed.
Man: "whos that?"
Man 2: "shes beutiful...look at the way she walks...shes so amazing"
Man: "its clearly a Lauren"

Man 5: "Who did you sleep with?"
Man 6: "she was good at head"
Man 5: "must have been a Lauren"
by FAMILY FEUDS August 18, 2013
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