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Lauren is a beautiful girl who makes everything happier in her presence. She has perfect golden hair that goes great with her amazing body. Her smile makes time slow down for the world to watch in awe. She has the lips, the legs, and the hips of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Lauren is very active. She will eat copious amounts of candy but will never gain weight.

Lauren’s personality makes everybody want to be with her all the time. She is very kind, funny, sweet, smart, and full of energy. She’s always down for going on an adventure, and she is very photogenic-even when she just woke up 2 minutes ago. Every guy that crosses her path tries his very best to win her heart, and she is great at deciding whether that guy is cool or a douchebag. Her decisions on who to date are on point.

The one and only flaw Lauren has is the fact that she likes country music, and that’s not even that big of a deal to some people. She loves animals and the outdoors. She gets work done and is a great influence on other people. She works hard and plays harder.

Every guy wants his own Lauren whether he admits it or not. She is such a babe.
John: "Bro, I just need a girl that is so perfect you can't describe her in words."
Philip: "Sounds like you need a Lauren!"

"Duuuuude, look at that ten! She is a Lauren for sure."
by Chadalon May 26, 2016
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A Lauren is one of the most breathtaking girls you'll ever see. They have long hair, usually brown or dirty blonde, and beautiful green or blue eyes surrounded by high cheekbones and full lips. They're sometimes shy, but isn't afraid to reach out to strangers and form relationships and friendships. A Lauren's smile is the loveliest thing, and her laughter is contagious. Laurens are silly, and has a great sense of humor. They're usually very talented at a number of things, and are very creative. Laurens are easily trusted and can keep lifetime secrets. The Lauren I know fits this definition to a T. Easily the most beautiful girl inside and out, there's no one else on this Earth that can take her place in my life and others.
"Lauren is so gorgeous and talented at EVERYTHING!" Wailed one of the girls, as the others cried in agreement.
by just another one fallen for her November 15, 2014
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The one girl who will never stop blowing your mind. she has a magical power that can erase your memory, she can take the worst thing ever and make you not even care. she is the kind of person everyone wants the one who is so beautiful in her own kinda beauty everyone knows she is the prettiest girl alive and everyone wants her yet she has already chosen her man. she is human yet at the same time angelic she knows all the right words to make a person feel better she always wants everyone to be happy and she will do anything to make her man happy she is lover. if you ever get the pleasure of spending time with her you'll understand. Lauren is the one everyone wants but only one gets and no one else will ever touch her.
Lauren is more beautiful than a Sun rise in the middle of summer. Lauren is the one everyone wants but only one gets.
by sweet lucille January 14, 2013
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Lauren is someone that would make you happy in every way possible. She's the type of person that would make your day and make you smile like an idiot. Lauren is a good person and she gets jealous quickly which shows that she actually cares for you. She's a very funny person it's always fun to hangout with her. Sometimes, she hides things from you but with enough convincing, she will eventually tell you. Lauren is someone who will love you with all of her heart and all of her evergreen soul. Another quality is that Laurens are somebody that would punch you and hurt you because she loves you. Lastly, Lauren is someone who would care for you and care for others before her own self. The definition of beautiful is Lauren and I'm glad to have one in my life.
by WillyMilly August 07, 2016
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Lauren is a girl who'll do anything just to make you smile. She's strong, independant and smart but it's ultimately her kindness that'll melt your heart. Then, after your heart is open to her and she's made you smile you'll want nothing more than to see her smile because though Laurens' are pretty it's their smiles that make them beautiful.
The second Lauren smiled at me, was the second I knew I'd never see anything more dazzling.
by DancingMoon December 27, 2011
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One of the sweetest girls in the world, Beautiful inside and out, with sexy green eyes and a great figure. A real vixen, with a great personality and a smile to light up your day.
Lauren makes me feel like I hit the jackpot
by Davidangel1 July 21, 2017
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Lauren is an awesome person. She is friggen gorgeous, from head to toe! She is also the smartest person you'll ever meet. She is a very flexible person and also one who can catch onto things quickly!! She also has the best style and boy you wish you had her clothes! She's the most trustworthy person that you'll know and is very laid-back. You can tell that she cares about others and that is one of her best qualities. You can catch Lauren doing some shopping or being creative. She's also very funny, at random moments she can just burst out in humour and make you day a lot better. Make sure to keep a Lauren close for she is the best person you will ever meet!
You: Can you drop me off at Lauren's house?
Dad: I'm so glad you guys are friends because she is such a sweet girl and a great person! I'd drop you off at her house anytime!
by a happy friend June 29, 2013
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