A beautiful, deadly smart, sarcastic girl whom makes you go crazy. She's weird sometimes but she can give really good advice and tell you when you need to grow up. She's the best comforter but will tell you when your being annoying. Even if she doesn't like someone she's mature enough to tolerate the fact that she doesn't like you. She doesn't like the fact and tries to hide that's she's an easy crier. She's only mean when people deserve it and a great friend. She has a forgiving heart and can easily trust people. It takes a lot to break her but it can happen and she can sensitive at times. There's no one like her, take care of her and she'll take care of you. Don't break her. Find yourself a lauren.
"She's so beautiful, sweet and smart"
"Ah, you've found yourself a Lauren"
by lunapier November 20, 2016
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Lauren is amazing. She is the most popular, prettiest, funniest, kind, caring, sweet, gorgeous, loveable girl there is.

Everyone wants to be her, everyone looks up to her. Whenever someone has a problem, they'll immediately go to her for help. She has friends in every friendship group, from popular to the weirdos, everyone loves her. Lauren's smile hides many things, which she will share with only her most trusting friends. She the girl that all the guys want and all the girls want to be. She can get any guy she wants, and has had her fair share of boyfriends. She isn't a slut, if she's in a relationship she's in it for months, not days. She's been out with guys older and younger. She's an amazing lover and, if you have her, never let her go, because you will never come across a girl as beautiful as her ever again.
'Who's that?'
'Dude, how can you not know? That's Lauren!'
'Where's she been all my life? She's beautiful!'
by LittlePorter November 3, 2011
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One of the most beautiful girls in the world. She is so funny and so bright. She has an amazing smile and gorgeous eyes. She is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is hilarious, sweet, caring, loyal, kind, loving, fun, a little crazy at times, and one of a kind. She is the only friend who would actually risk their life to save you. They are determined and a little stubborn. But they know how to one in a million. Don't ever let her go. She can never be replaced
by Kkkkkkkkkkkk September 29, 2013
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Lauren is the most beautiful smart person ever. She is funny kind and never judges others. she shows compassion. Lauren is the light of life shes amazing in every way. she is the dream girl and she is worst every breath of air so never waste your time with her shes basically happiness in a person.
"Aww dude Lauren is amazing i love talking to he."
by McFaggot November 9, 2014
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If not the most beautiful then one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet, inside and out. She is crazy and not bothered about other peoples opinion. The funniest laugh you'll ever hear, and can't help but make you laugh. She's always happy, even if she's not she'll fake a smile. Everybody loves her, and if you have her as your best friend you are the luckiest person as she will say beautiful things to you, and shout your nickname in the middle of the street if she see's you. she wears the nicest clothes and has a amazing personality. she will be one of the most incredible friends you have. she's a lovely person and she'll never be replaced she's one of a kind. she will put a smile on your face. she will sing and dance where ever and will do anything to have a good time. she is the most amazing friend you'll come across.
by Jazzzo October 5, 2011
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Lauren is someone that would make you happy in every way possible. She's the type of person that would make your day and make you smile like an idiot. Lauren is a good person and she gets jealous quickly which shows that she actually cares for you. She's a very funny person it's always fun to hangout with her. Sometimes, she hides things from you but with enough convincing, she will eventually tell you. Lauren is someone who will love you with all of her heart and all of her evergreen soul. Another quality is that Laurens are somebody that would punch you and hurt you because she loves you. Lastly, Lauren is someone who would care for you and care for others before her own self. The definition of beautiful is Lauren and I'm glad to have one in my life.
by WillyMilly March 8, 2016
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