I like steel coaster, but I prefer the classic woody.
see also woodie
by kwood4800 April 27, 2006
a carved wooden penis that men from the 17th century put down their pants to appear well endowed.
Do you have a woody or are you just glad to see me?
by Razamataz September 12, 2013
a character off of toy story.
hez tha cowboy
Hey Woody!! wut u doin up there
by who karez August 20, 2004
a badass nickname. i.e Hard Wood, Woodstock, Mr. Wood, Woodson, woodrow
Dude! I heard that kid woody is here!
by dh woodyy January 22, 2012
a manwhore/fuckboy who likes to like girls pictures from 67 weeks ago. although he is really hot and can be sweet, don't let it fool you. all he wants to do is fuck.
woody, the w is for your name, not your hairline.
by yasssssbitch.xoxo November 12, 2015
the term a father uses to explain the sensation a male might recieve when he thinks lustful thoughts
"when your around a girl you might get a woody" *vomits*!! DAD! sick!!
by Fran-e and Sage August 28, 2004