I like steel coaster, but I prefer the classic woody.
see also woodie
by kwood4800 April 27, 2006
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A talented Rocket League player with a tilting, demolition-heavy playstyle. Woody will attempt demolitions in scenarios that seem counterintuitive to the current positioning META but often creates opportunities for his teammates to score. Woody has over 90,000 total demolitions in his Rocket League career. He often gets called “absolute dogshit,” “a fucking giga-rat,” “talentless cuck,” and more because for some reason the average rocket league player can’t handle being taken out of the game for three seconds. Woody has probably received more death threats and has been told to kill himself more times than perhaps any other Rocket League player.
Woody: *demos opponent*

Snowflake opponent: “Wow!”
Snowflake opponent: “Wow!”
Snowflake opponent: “Wow!”
Snowflake opponent: “Woody you absolute piece of shit. I hope your mom gets cancer and everyone you love dies in a house fire. I hope your dog gets hit by a bus.”

Woody: *spawn demos snowflake opponent thrice consecutively*

Snowflake opponent: “Go fuck yourself” *Leaves the match*
by white_brownie July 31, 2021
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Over exaggerating I.E Ryan Lochte
Ryan Lochte has been accused of Woodying
by AllRanger August 23, 2016
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Look at that donkey over there. His woodie is quite magnificent.
by Bungalow Bill February 16, 2002
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To get wasted and then to be sick for the rest of the night. Also, in between your acts of sickness, you wildly claim to the nearest person that you will never do this again. You will also reveal all your fantasies about the girl that you fancy. This act of being woodied usually happens to people who are lightweight when taking alcohol.
"Dude, you were so woodied last night"
by Graham1993 December 1, 2009
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Woody is a boy every girl falls for. His soft, silky hair and his cute face will be the death of you. He doesn't usually get into fights, but if he does, he wins. If you know a woody you're so lucky!
"Who's that boy?"
"Oh, that's Woody, he's so attractive!"
by MaeXoXo December 24, 2018
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