meet me to fight, this originated in the E. Oakland- the Bay. The term is intensified if repeated
If you talkin' all that, see me
by liddymo November 21, 2007
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when you want some one to see you, in poker or for no reason
Johnny: See Me!!!!!!!
by spicfolife July 8, 2005
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saying used after being threatened. to call out to a fight
jon: fuck u bitch
wiz: see me then
by WIZ February 17, 2005
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refers to someone who isn't scared and wants to fight someone.
bro u ain't tryin to see me though.

see me den bitch.
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originally comes from the idea that the white man can not see the black man's struggle, or perhaps chooses not to see his struggle.
The phrase has been adapted as a statement of toughness to indicate superiority.
"I just spent the last 6 months in county."

"Whatever, you can't see me."
by atlantastudent April 8, 2009
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See Me No Up (a loosely translated phrase from the Mandarin phrase: 看不起我), which basically means: To be looked down upon by someone. Can also be used to accuse someone of being condescending.

So to anyone attempting to live in the multicultural, multireligious, multigender, multiracial Singapore, why not try it?
(Ideal example)
"You know me for so long and still treat me like that? You damn see me no up, is it?"


(British/American English)
"You are my pbro, yet this is how you treat me? YOU DAMN SEE ME NO UP, ISIT?"
by Satoshi Buterin February 26, 2017
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A phrase used to show self-pride and or confidence during a period of competition.
After Dunking on someone in the game of basketball you use the term "COME SEE ME".
by Chris o28 October 24, 2007
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