he sprang my gold chain
by Ryan M December 14, 2002
steal , take without owner knowing
by Ryan M December 14, 2002
Hair of a tight curley nature that is caught in sheets and bed linen that will not come out in normal washing.These could be pubic in nature or from the head of latin,hispanic, or african people.
I had to buy new sheets because I couldn't get the sprangs out.
by twistednick December 28, 2010
Is NOT a sprain. It's better. Instead of spraining your foot and not being able to do a sport; you can tell your coach. Oh no it's just a sprang. It's all right. But in truth. It's throbbing, but you still want to play.
Bob- Hey coach! I only have this ace bandage on my foot because i spranged it. It's cool for me to play in the game tonight.

Coach- Really? Are you sure it's not a sprain?

Bob- Dude, it's a sprang, I'm playing!
by LtlePointeDancer April 3, 2009
all warm and shiz without the flowers or gay stuff that spring has.
by k$s March 3, 2010
Memphis Slang: To hit someone in the face.
"I'm gonna sprang on you"
by Antwon Butler April 13, 2007
Winter Springs, Florida. Central Florida suburb filled with dudebros, jocks, nerds, and sluts. Marijuana is highly prevalent in this area.
"Yo lets just chill in the sprangs tonight and hit up that keg"
by sprangscuh June 26, 2006