when someone is odd or does something odd; saying it to/about someone who really isn't hot; making fun of someone
*fat lady trips on the bus stairs*
person 1: SO HOT

*your mother cursing in english with an accent*
person 1 & 2 in unison: SO HOT
by texassx3 January 24, 2010
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When gossip gets really juicy
person 1: Dude did you hear about that celebrity scandal?
person 2: OMG yes

person 1: Man, the tea is so hot that it just burned through my cup
person 2: LMAO
by Ghostgam3r February 24, 2019
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Saying someone is ridiculously goodlooking, that you cannot believe the high ranking on the attractivness scale this person/item/song/etc has been able to achieve.
by Punani August 05, 2004
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something or somebody who is damn fine.
like hansel from zoolander or a fat kebab after a night on the razz.
"aaaaaaah that cuppa tea and a fag, so hot right now!"
by hols March 04, 2004
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Another way of saying "let's fuck".
Anna: "Hey boy"
James: "What's up boo?"
Anna: "Nothin much. Just a bit horny"
James: "Oh yeah? Well I bet our kid would be so hot"
Anna: "Fuck me JAMES!"
by sfagtrhyetuetuetu July 12, 2010
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Telling someone they are embarassed by a romantic gesture that has been offered to them
;Telling someone that they look the best they can possibly look at the moment
by Vanessa I. Llizo June 09, 2004
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