Look at that donkey over there. His woodie is quite magnificent.
by Bungalow Bill February 16, 2002
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Woodie is 1950s-60s surfer slang for a wood-paneled stationwagon.
Jan and Dean drove their woodie down to the beach.
by Boadi Rigaud February 23, 2007
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A woodie is an insistent boner.
I often get a spontaneous woodie!
by USAF Cadet July 14, 2021
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I like the steel roller coasters, but I prefer the classic woodies.
by kwood July 24, 2005
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wooden bowl mark n trebor use to get HIIIIIGH. he also has wood coming off of his sides inside the bowl. we founds it in derrs barn w/ a weedsicle
yo mark, get Woodie we gotta smoke
by smigel March 30, 2004
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I like steel coaster, but I prefer the classic woody.
see also woodie
by kwood4800 April 27, 2006
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