A lit school in NOVA Also know as weedson. Hallways are full of snakes, transfer out as fast as you can
by Oh yes pleas March 31, 2017
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a sex move that is so potent that leaves your legs paralyzed
Man I left his house in a wheel chair because he gave me an amazing woodson.
by Auzzie Robs April 13, 2009
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An elite cornerback in the NFL. Currently plays for the Green Bay Packers but previously played for the Oakland Raiders. Has 25 career picks, eight of which came in 2006, leading the National Football Conference. Has been called overrated for so long that he is now actually underrated. He posseses great athleticism, as well as great size for the position (6'1", 200) and great speed. He is a Four-Time Pro Bowler. Won the Heisman Trophy in 1998, and deservingly so. Screw all the people on Peyton Manning's dick.
Manning throws, and it's picked off by Charles Woodson!
by Shutdown Cornerback March 26, 2007
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An amazing defensive player for the Green Bay Packers. Winner of the Defensive Player MVP in '09.
3/4 of the world is covered in water.

The rest is covered by Charles Woodson.
by IceCreamChocolate(: February 10, 2010
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Jayshawn is a very loving and caring person. If he want something he gone go out and look for it. Hes easy to talk to he got your back no matter when it comes down to his girl,family, and friends he don't play
Were's Jayshawn Woodson when I need him.
by Jayshawnnn April 3, 2018
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A lower standard of attractive-ness that applies to Woodson students because of the lack of hot guys.
Person 1: He's pretty hot!
Person 2: Meh, he's only Woodson Hot.
Person 1: You're right at Fairfax High School he'd be fugly.
by Woodson2014 June 19, 2011
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Also known as WT Woodson, this school from Fairfax, VA kicks the ass of all other high schools due to great sports teams, relatively low levels of dumbasses, and a great coalition against communism. Sometimes considered a prick school, but really that title goes to Langley and TJHSST.
Interviewer :So what the hell does WT stand for?
Interviewed Guy: ...Wu-Tang?

Prick: You go to WT Woodson? *scoff*
America-supporting-student: Fucker, this is Wu-Tang Woodson *roundhouse kick*
by ScrewTJ April 16, 2009
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