The polite way of commenting on the size of certain body features, usually applied to Breasts, Buttocks, and the Penis.
Instead of saying "Oh my god she has huge titties!!!!" you could say she is well endowed to be more polite.
Instead of saying "my bf is a real hung guy" you could say "My boyfriend is very well endowed."
by bromosapien5000 December 18, 2010
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Well Endowed - Meaning that someone has been blessed with a perfect (or long) X. X can be anything from tits, penis or big balls.
Wow! I had another shower yesterday at the gym and Paul walked in butt naked. Man, it's a little depressing but that guy is well endowed!

Tom was well endowed with fully functional diphallia (two penes).
by Connor McCarthy October 18, 2006
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A man or a boy who is famous among all his friends for having a large penis , and sometimes impressive testicles, too. For him,especially when young, this is always something to be proud of in front of boys, and sometimes embarrassing,curiously, in front of girls.
Don't you know that our friend Marc A.has something special? Look at his boardshorts... Yes, he IS well-endowed, he has the biggest one on the beach...Fine, uh?
by Joaquin Julio Fernandez July 20, 2008
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