(adjective) describes a mood of stable happiness, state of elation, also (esp. males) arousal. Noun: Gladness; adverb: gladly; verb: gladden
Just thinking of Georgie's sensuousness made him glad
by Alarick September 13, 2006
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To be the sort of lad who think negging will get you laid, instead he gets pubically shamed in full view of his employers, friends and strangers on social media.
He is his only cheerleader as everyone thinks hes a creepy little weirdo.
He also had tastes in girls below the legal age, hence the famous moniker "The Ipswitch Nonce"
"Mate, is that hat little Gladding prick from 5 a side?"
"Yup thats Lloyd alright. Quick, hide your baby daughter."
by CarisJustice December 4, 2020
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Once again another word created by Rygin King, (jamaican dancehall artiste) That makes no sense, but he wouldn’t know cause he’s fully dunce. We assume it’s a combination of thankful and glad but we reconably will never be sure.
Up and gladful today! Give thanks
by jamostwanted March 4, 2019
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1. Thankful; great-full 2. Joyful or content.
We were glad our family made it home safely.
by Gwen Stacy March 11, 2014
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The feeling a man has after he ejaculates.
I'm so glad that I feel we should sleep together!
by Ereck Flowers March 17, 2015
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I do know what you are talking about:) when we were in the same room I could feel my heart attached to his… like a rope pulling me, not the best description.

The spider was a legit spider… daddy long legged to be exact… still is on vacay

I am completely 100 percent not witchy:) you can ask any spider :) okay not the furry, quick ones… we probably should for my argument sake keep it to the spiders as my witnesses:) my eyes should love most times, but they can also make people go uh oh…

That is what I meant about being a nuisance. The last thing I want to do is bother him, even if my ideas are super cute and funny. Hence, why I put them in a box now.

Kinda funky today… did something yesterday and it didn’t turn out the way I planned, so then the overthinking starts. And then I couldn’t get on this thing because someone was being a jerk and there was nothing i could do about it.(cryptic… sorry)
And then that causes me to overthink more when I really don’t need to.
That is why I stay in my little dream bubble. Everything is happy:) sometimes I think things are trying to pop my bubble or are blowing me around. (Metaphor for me overthinking and getting in a funk)

if you are just figuring out now I am nuts, I am disappointed:) my best friend last week was a spider who left… even the spider knew I was batty. Maybe the spider thought I was a bat and I was going to eat it… I wouldn’t/couldn’t eat a spider. If I ended up on survivor, I would die of starvation.

Yikes… definitely sounds bad. Glad to hear you are on the mend.
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It's a pretty good description.. I kinda have to say that though cos I used similar about the feeling I get around her.. god I fuckin miss that.. I didn't need to see her I could feel her move.. so many times I just watched her work, I dreamt of our hands meeting again

Damn.. some nights it's getting harder to talk about. Still strugglin make sense of some things, worrying there's some chance I'm just bothering her.. something just feels off in general.. that's new and I'm not a fan 😒

Hmm I'm not sure I follow the spider thing still. You are super witchy! You are the most mysterious woman I've ever known! Practically need your own dictionary to keep up.. thats without considerin other accounts..

You shouldn't shut those ideas away. Maybe your creativity just confused him initially. Are you still planning your next olive juice?

What did you do? I know you won't give me detail.. but the gist at least? Theres not much you could suprise me with now, so come on.. who was being a jerk?

Overthinking seems to be our shared weakness.. I can't stop

My confidence has taken too many hits lately, I just keep thinking it's all slipping away, struggling to find an anchor
No I knew you were nuts. Glad you admit it :)

Though a lot of your crazy makes sense to me.. so what does that make me?

I don't believe from how you think, or I do, that he'd EVER consider you a nuisance. Sometimes the messages we think we send get mistranslated..

Speaking of.. I did something new the other night.. as I wrote.. I spoke the lines as if I was reading it to her.. then I went back and did the same with all my others..

I'd never imagined it before..

And now I'm dying to watch her eyes light up as I spill my heart
by 4_u October 11, 2023
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