"weenus"--a tiny "nus." there's big-nus, small-nus, happi-nus--and wee--nus.
the debate is over! obviously it's the skin on your ELBOW!

the 1st little piggy went to the market,the second little piggy stayed home, the third little piggy had roast beef, the next little piggy had none, the last little piggy went weenus, weenus, weenus all the way home.
by mike slaven August 8, 2006
The male penis.
Bob, you have a small weenus unlike Timmy who has a rather large weenus.
by Ellie November 15, 2002
1. A combination of wiener and penis , 2. A combination of wiener and anus, 3. A combination of Weezer and penis or anus.
"Last night Courtney Love touched my Weenus."
by Lefty March 4, 2003
a man with a penis growing out of his ass.
He 69 two homosexuals with his penis and his weenus.
by Jon Kruger October 24, 2003
to recieve anal sex with your penish stuck between your legs.
gertrude weenused jimbob, but only on nights of the full moon.
by sarah badera November 12, 2002