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Chandler's business uses wenus pronounced weenis
by Matt Reschke October 27, 2003
An exceptionally small penis.
I used to think Jammy was right macho until i heard he had a weenus.
by Dunky Oggins November 24, 2003
the name my kid gave to his penis
by micah October 19, 2003
1. An incredibly stupid or idiotic person or act

2. male appendege

3. Something that gets you aggrevated
1. David, your a stupid weenus

2. My weenus poped out.

3. Why did the toaster break? Freaking weenus!
by apstguy March 17, 2004
someone who is being or acting in a stupid manner
Patrick stop being a weenus, the cat doesn't like being spun on the tile floor
by Stephanie September 12, 2003
Girl...He pulled down his pants and showed me his weenus.
by Pooh Butt February 11, 2008
the two big floppy things that cover a possums ass.
1. Look at the weenus on that possum!!!!
2. That possum has a double weenus!!!
3. That possums weenus is bigger than yours!!!
by Weenus January 29, 2005