it's a funny word that i thought i made up for penis and weener combined into one, but it turns out that it's already a word
When he jumped into the pool, i saw his WEENUS!
by celia May 10, 2003
A word used to describe an uncomfy situation. said mostly at times of complete and total frustration.
by CaroXP July 18, 2008
A cross between a a wussy and a penis. Gay guys who still are gender confused.
"I hate it when he prances around like such a damn weenus!"
by CJ5GUY April 24, 2006
1. a sketchy body part, that attracts sketchy people, and extremely stupid people. sometimes it doesn't because it decids not to.
2. Someone can have lots of sketchya-weenusness, if they are stupid and funny and sketchy. Usually very hot.
1. Dang that guy has a sketchy-weenus. it is the most skechy i've seen yet!
2. that guy is chock full of sketchy-weenusness. HE is hot!
one who has a fetish with touching others elbow skin, but won't let others touch their elbow skin(weenus).
Jill went around grabbing everybody's weeni, but when they tried to grab her weenus she'd say "NO!, i'm a weenus-pimp and no one can touch my weenus but me."
by Jessica James July 4, 2006