that quiet kid that always gets left behind especially in dangerous situations
by Jake The Doggo October 27, 2016
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Timmy is an average kid who no one understands, his mom dad and baby sitter all give him commands
1.Timmy is so cool I wish I was him
2. I don't know he's pretty average
1.I guess no one understands him
by RocketyangRacoon February 3, 2017
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TIMMY Timmy :D Tim-timmy timmy' timmy timmy, timmy!!!:D timmy?? timmy' timmy timmy TIMMY, timmy....:D
TIMMY Tim-timmy timmy!! :D
by TIMMY, timmy. November 28, 2020
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Refers to a result of plus 2 to par (or worse ) on a golf hole (aka double bogey, triple bogey, etc.). Also, a player who has 3 or more putts on a hole has committed a Timmy.

Origin - Timmy is a guy that bailed on a golf commitment in the 11th hour. A scoundrel.
Singular - "Another Timmy. Today just isn't my day on the links."
Plural - "Dammit, I had a lot of Timmys today. My game is in the tank."
by Above the Hard Deck May 18, 2020
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the ADHD kid in your class who makes you all laugh everyday. He usually comes into school wearing his PJs. He dosent care about his academics either.
Teacher B.

NAH...*continues twerking*


Student 1: omg remember that time in fifth grade when Timmy took his pants off and started sprinting around the school?

Student 2: Oh yeah! All the teachers were chasing him around for like 15 minutes until Timmy got spotted trying to hide in a trash can.

Student 1: good times...

Student 2: oh wait! there he is now!

*highschool age timmy is sprinting down the hallway in a creeper costume screaming random s**

*he accidentally rams into popular girl makenna*

Makenna: DAMMIT TIMMY!!!
by Starbucksandfieldhockey01 December 13, 2019
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He’s a fun guy! but be careful, the outdoors doesn’t stop him from unleashing his talents.
‘who’s that guy lurking in smithy lane bus stop’ ‘must be timmy!’
by jimmytheseed June 11, 2023
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I've got royal icing on my fingers after giving her a timmy
by Aprylmarie January 31, 2021
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