that quiet kid that always gets left behind especially in dangerous situations
by Jake The Doggo October 27, 2016
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Timmy is an average kid who no one understands, his mom dad and baby sitter all give him commands
1.Timmy is so cool I wish I was him
2. I don't know he's pretty average
1.I guess no one understands him
by RocketyangRacoon February 3, 2017
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TIMMY Timmy :D Tim-timmy timmy' timmy timmy, timmy!!!:D timmy?? timmy' timmy timmy TIMMY, timmy....:D
TIMMY Tim-timmy timmy!! :D
by TIMMY, timmy. November 28, 2020
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I've got royal icing on my fingers after giving her a timmy
by Aprylmarie January 31, 2021
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Refers to a result of plus 2 to par (or worse ) on a golf hole (aka double bogey, triple bogey, etc.). Also, a player who has 3 or more putts on a hole has committed a Timmy.

Origin - Timmy is a guy that bailed on a golf commitment in the 11th hour. A scoundrel.
Singular - "Another Timmy. Today just isn't my day on the links."
Plural - "Dammit, I had a lot of Timmys today. My game is in the tank."
by Above the Hard Deck May 18, 2020
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Timmy is a boy that is intelligent and know how to make people laugh
Also smart with the girls
by Ssdfswweffrwdrfffs February 5, 2019
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The nicest, caring, hottest boy you'll meet. He's loyal to his friends. He hides from his fears, especially asking out his crush. He'll do whatever it takes to have a good reputation. He is liked by most and is a total ladies man. Get yourself a timmy.
Joe: Man i wish i was timmy. He has so many girls
by spidermandies June 24, 2018
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