a little boy who is bewtween the age of 7-9 that weighs over 100 pounds and eats a lot and also has a pig-like nose.
hey you guys no anthony lingle man i called him a little piggy and he ran like a little thundercunt
by b ran jannsen May 21, 2008
Used to describe a player of Counter-Strike who is less than 10 years old and sounds like a fat little kid.
UndamagedGecko called Huneboy a fat little piggy after Huneboy declared that he needed to stop playing counter-strike for "a snack break."
by Dean Tye February 12, 2004
When he a guy has a micro penis and it’s uncircumcised.
OMG Becky he had a little piggy bun.
by MsMiraya February 23, 2018