A wiener is a sausage or hot dog. Because its the phallic shape, the word is also slang for penis.

In terms of spelling, wiener is a variant on the spelling of weiner, but both are recognized as correct by Merriam-Webster dictionary. The reason for the two different spellings is that in English the "ei" is pronounces an "e" sound, but in German it is the diphthong "ie" that represents the "e" sound. Thus the spelling wiener is the proper spelling taken from the German language, but the spelling weiner makes more phonetic sense in English.
Mmmm, that was a delicious wiener, so big and plump!

Wow, your wiener is huge. I don't think I could ever fit that whole thing in my mouth.
by e=271828... January 16, 2006
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the proper spelling of "weiner"... morons.

another name for PENIS, but a more comical way of expressing the term
"hey dude, your'e a wiener"
"at least im not a weiner"
"... weiner is not a word"
"oh, yeah"
by PWH805 July 27, 2005
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1. A hot dog
2. A hound-like dog
1. I really enjoy putting long, thick wieners in my mouth.
2. Rub my wiener for good luck.
by qwerty9C1 December 31, 2008
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1. Vulgar slang for a penis

2. A person that is deliberately a jerk
1. I have a nasty rash on my wiener

2. Quit acting like a winer, jackass!
by rdodgerules June 8, 2005
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look at that guy's wiener. it is an impressive cylinder of meat. i want to suck it
by ebba May 21, 2005
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The female version of a womanizer. Basically, a woman who makes a bunch of stupid men believe she is in love with them.
Wienerizer, wiener-wienerizer, you're a wienerizer. Oh! Wienerizer. Oh! You're a wienerizer, baby.
by Rachel Corinne October 3, 2009
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